We provide a variety of services at the gift of life community home. Below are a list of our most important services. Please contact us for more information at 1-888-959-2093

Community Services

Military/Veteran Care-Our organization reach out to all veteran, military, or immediate dependents for services and discounts.

Home Care (non-medical)- Our organization reaches out in the home to provide non traditional and nonmedical home care.  please view classes here

Housing-Our organization provides housing referrals and assistance to veteran, pregnant and parenting teens, disabled, and ex-offenders.please view housing here

Employment-Our organization provide employment services and referrals to our own organization or outside businesses. click here for our online application

Educational Services

The Gift of life community home Institute classes -please view classes here

Health Care Services

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis- Our professionals use the QMRI analysis to give you recommendations for your body and the organs that need recommendations the most.

Health Coaching-Our professional use the coaching techniques of Health, spirituality, joy, physical activity, home environment, home cooking, creativity, relationships, career, and education to get you into a complete balance of  mind, body, and soul, homeostasis and stress free living. click here for more information

Nutritional Consultations-Our professional use our methods to determine the nutritional guidelines needed to give you an unique approach to homeostasis.

Physical activity consultations- Our professionals access physical activity needed based on your BMI (Body Mass Index) and other health concerns such as diabetes.

Detoxing- Our professional use the gentle techniques to detox  toxic substance out of your body using varying methods based upon your unique body and toxins

Aromatherapy- Our professionals use the scent of essential  oils and herbs to give your body the extra boost you need for a speedy recovery.

Acupressure- Our professionals use the pressure points in the body to activate the body response mechanisms for speedy recovery in the body.

Music and Healing-Our professionals use the sound of music and relaxation to distress the body and signal chemicals throughout your body.