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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” -Hippocrates

As the CEO of the gift of life Community home INC , a nonprofit organization establish October 2008, I’m overly thrilled. The models and entertainers are backstage prepping, the guest speakers are reminded of their speeches, and the sound of the stage crew are quickly moving to set the stage. My dream and testimony was happening right before my eyes. Ready or not, it was time to take my place as the final mic was checked by the sound crew in the back of the awesome,Naomi  Bruton stage ( inside The black Academy of Arts and Letters). “Natural to life”, a concept of transition was and is the best thing that has happened for myself and many others who share similar stories. This celebration is so big it can only take place once a year in DFW. The reason is the camouflage of greatness of the culture and unity of the disabled, business, and the arts meeting opportunity. What is the opportunity you ask? The opportunity to regain healing in all areas of your life, stop preventable diseases, and connect with others who are winning! “Natural to life” someone may think is giving up on a already established healthcare system. No, it goes deeper. Why? You may ask, do I question my system? Come to this awesome event and have all of your questions answered. But who’s teaching? One may ask, health and wellness experts, coaches, Doctors, fitness trainers, spiritual counselors, who will be speaking truth in terms easy to understand. Also, so that you’re not overwhelmed with info, we entertain with an great summer fashion show, a natural hair show, and live entertainment to have you wanting to hear and see more. Being natural or as I may refer to it as being holistic has been around before we were even born. Some think it’s foolery or fake, but it has cultivated our native ancestors way before modern medicine or diseases were popular. Holistic “Natural” approaches derive from a total balance in your body from joy (good and bad stressors), creativity (art), spirituality (your relationship with the most high) physical Activity (fitness), social life, home environment, health, education, finances, relationships, and home cooking. All of these area play a major role in finding your purpose and we are here to help. Come out and regain your life! July 16,16 noon until 10pm a day for the entire family fun and entertainment that will make a postitive impact! “Natural to Life” 2016…Also,join the organization The gift of life community home, to get VIP tickets, a newsletter and more. Become a sponsor at donate on the website or sign up to participate at natural to life group on Facebook. Ask questions at 1888-959-2093 hope to see you royal family soon!

Parasites and detoxing them out

Many people wonder why I recommend detoxing so much.

We eat so many toxic foods and engage in so many toxic behaviors until we have made ourselves prone to this lifestyle and don’t consider the effects. This blog will begin to explain to you the inside destroyers of your body called parasites.

What are parasites?

Parasites are organisms that feed on other organisms. They feed off of the foods that we eat and the blood cells in your body. They eject toxins into your blood stream making your liver work in over load to clean and detox them out! They put an excessive load on your immune system and put your body in a constant state of stress.

Some scientist and experts believe that 80-90% of the population have some sort of pathogen infections in their bodies. Sounds a bit scary? Well, don’t be scared be informed! So how does a person become infected? Read more below.

How do parasites get into the body?

There are many ways to get a parasite. Most people believe that traveling to a different country causes it. Sometime but not always! Parasites are everywhere.

Food is the most common way they enter the body. Ever eaten raw or undercooked meats and seafoods like rare steak and sushi? What about eating unwashed fruits and vegetables from restaurants unknowingly? What about your pets? If you can answer yes to any of these questions you are likely to have contracted a pathogen.

People are another way you can contract them. For instance, already infected people and you or them are unaware. Touching, kissing, shaking hands and even sharing foods or drinks. Kids are always getting them while the playgrounds are their breeding grounds instead! Children, sick, and elderly are most likely to be prime targets because of their already weak immune systems.

Parasites are usually overlooked because the symptoms are often the same in other related illnesses. Doctors (bless them all) most often dismiss the idea, and suggest a lab test to rule it out. Also making them prescribe antibiotics ,steroids, or other prescriptions to send you on your way without a cause or diagnosis. Resulting in people going untreated.

Symptoms of parasitic infection

Gas and bloating
Irritable bowel syndrome
Joint and muscle ache
Sugar cravings
Skin conditions
Irritation/ itching at nose, eyes, ears, anus
Rashes, hives, eczema
Sleep disorders
Hyperactivity, anxiety
Teeth grinding
Chronic fatigue
Fuzzy thinking
Runny nose
Blisters on lower lip inside mouth
Loss of appetite
Unexplained infertility
Bad taste in the mouth
May have trouble gaining especially in kids
Development of food allergies
Dark areas under the eyes
Returning yeast/candida infections

To find out more info on detoxing parasites and the kinds of parasites in the body contact me yolanda Henderson @ 1-888-959-2093. Also, feel free to email me at

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Have you ever missed a love connection with someone while searching for Mr. or Ms. right? Why does she act like that you may ask?  Ever wonder why your child was told to do something and an hour later it was not done?  Why is everything a debate for her or him. The answer came to me while finding  a natural cure to ineffective communication. Putting homeostasis (balance) back into relationships through communication.

Hopefully, we all know that relationships are not just centered around spouses. Relationships can be with a friend, parent, teacher, church, child or most importantly God. They can be long term, long distance, short term or close. They can cause mixed emotions,  happy, or sad emotions. The effects of relationships can be detrimental (bad)  to your communication habits either past of present.


Being able to  effectively communicate with a person is a language that many people find it hard to speak. Communication to some may be like speaking a foreign language literally. The reason why I say to some, is due to the fact that everyone has a dominance in at least two of the five sensory organs of the brain. Visual, auditory, feeling or touch, smell and taste. Your love and communication skills must always align up with the person you are communicating to dominance area or focal point of perception. Therefore, there are certain ways you can communicate with one. The main objection is to look and listen for clues.I have read many books on the love languages. Yes, they ideally tell you were your compatibility is with a person. I want to effectively explain proper communication to you in more detail.

1.Auditory language

Then bible communicates the auditory language by reading the word hearing and listen,

17 Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.

-Romans 10:17

Auditory language is and effective form of hearing. In other words, listening for clues of your spouse, children, body, Christ, World is part of your communication skill. Not just by what you say is effective communicating listening and hearing others is so also.

Auditory people will tell you what they like dislike and really mean what they say. They think before they speak.

for instance, an audile child will become verbally expressive at an early age. Putting a book in front of him will not help him learn. Playing a song with his learning material will allow him time to capture his memory.

Auditory people are sound engineers, Stereo sales, stereo repair, piano tuners, telephone sales, teachers, radio announcers, therapist, singers, musicians, lawyers

2.Visual language

The bible communicates visual by using the words sight and vision being used 181 times. Popular bible scriptures were

For we live by faith, not by sight

-2 Corinthians 5:7

‘“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

Acts 2:17

Being visual is something that not all people are good at. sometime you can tell a person is visual because of their jobs, relationships, and hobbies. The visual way to naturally communicate is to show visual expressions.

For instance, some kids are visual when learning at school so they must see a film to display information receptors to the brain. Not only are they becoming great learners, but you will be satisfying a relationship they will have in the future knowing their communication dominance.

My daughter loves comic books and looks and pictures and charts for clues. This way when I need to be effective in communicating I should find something in visual sense she can related to.

Visualizers work  in decorating, camera, film industry, clothes designers, artist, sign painters, computer graphics, airplane pilots, race car designer, make up artist, photographer, hair dresser, architect, advertising, landscape designs, graphic arts.

There are a few other communication styles not mentioned but I work as a holistic health coach, one of my jobs is to help you learn gainful, helpful, and healthy relationships. click here to contact me or by phone @ 888-959-2093

For more information on Relationship VS Communication email me at I have a lot of use





Why I can still eat chocolate when I’ve started eating healthy!

Many do people think that chocolate is bad for you. I have been a chocoholic since I was a little girl. Now, I will avoid it because of the stereotypical facts of its sweetness and sugary artificial flavors. I love chocolate and for a long time believed it was a big reason for my own weight gain. Indeed it could have been partly the cause while pregnant. It was only because I had no idea how and what type to eat. In addition, research has found and linked dark chocolate to many health benefits. Chocolates are made from the cocoa plant and the cocoa phenols are included in it.

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The cheaper the price of food, cheaper the nutrition!

A question that seems to bring my thought process to suspense and aggravation at times is;
why are the cheaper foods less nutritious?

When I analyzed my local grocery store I could not help but to notice the wide variety of unhealthy snacks and artificially flavored juices and microwaveable dinners. This brought me to the conclusion that whatever is taking up so much time in our lives, we will sacrifice for the confidence of eating on the run. Our bodies seem to take the back burner to our everyday and busy lifestyles. Is this fair to our bodies? The same body that circulates blood to your many blood vessels, allowing your heart to pump, and never skipping a beat? I had to realize that my time treating my body was going to allow myself the time it needed to heal, concur, and conquest the daily obstacles it encountered keeping me able to do all of the wonderful task it did for me.

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