The Gift of life community home Institute is now in session. Call or submit the form below to sign up for classes, webinars, videos, and tele classes. In home classes are considered home care and need to sign up on here

Every class will end in a certificate from The Gift of life Community home Institute. Prices below are for individual classes only . Discounts available to Membership partners- group class (webinar) prices available when you call 1-888-959-2093 ask for Dr. Henderson prices below does not cover cost of books and material.

Instructor program- (Teleclasses, webinars, and videos available)$10/h for 325 hrs., Saturday only time TBA- This instructor class is a great way to teach others upon completion of our program an successful health coach at our locations or in your own location. This is not a certificate program. A health coach class has to be done prior to taking the instructor class.

Health Coach Classes– (Teleclasses, webinars, and videos available)$10/h for 325 hrs., Saturday only time TBA Become a health coach for your business or corporate environment. In this training you get a combination of all the basic classes such as healthy cooking, waist loss, meal prep, corporate wellness, natural hair and skin care, music as healing, natural pregnancy, business and more. Certificate received after all training hours are complete

Natural first aid(Teleclasses, webinars, and videos available)-$20/hr 1 hr what are the natural basics in your first aid kit? What are the top essential herbs?
What supplements do my first aid kit should have? In emergencies what can I use to treat them? r

Food allergies 101-(Teleclasses, webinars, and videos available)-$20/hr 1h the different food allergies. How food allergies spike immune responses. How to naturally test for food allergies. Substitutes for allergy foods and more.
Top 5 supplements- what are the absolute most beneficial and the reasons involved!

Medicine making 101– (Teleclasses, webinars, and videos available)-$20/hr 1 hr for anyone including advanced students and health coaches. How to grow your own ingredients, mix, store, and all the ingredients and labels you need!

Digestive wellness (Teleclasses, webinars, and videos available)-$20/hr 1 hr anyone suffering from ongoing digestive issues and the importance of a healthy digestion. Fixing issues like GERD and IBS.

Healing hypothyroidism-(Teleclasses, webinars, and videos available) -$20/hr for 3 hr  the key symptoms of hypothyroidism, why people go undiagnosed for years, and restoring and maintaining proper thyroid health.

Nutritional supplements and health for children-$20/hr 3hrs(tele class, webinars, videos available) $20/h 3 hr classes what are the best nutritional health benefits for children and teens.

Cardio  self care– (Teleclasess, webinars, and videos) $20/hr for 3 hours time TBA -Find out how to maintain a good heart through prevention and nutrition. Certificate received after all training is complete

Immunity self care– (Teleclasess, webinars, and videos) $20/hr for 3hours time TBA-Find out how to take care of the immune system and boost your immune system naturally.

Herbs for healing-(Teleclasess, webinars, and videos) $20/hr for 3 hours time TBA- find out all the herbs that are needed to bring healing back to your body.

Tutoring after school-(Teleclasses, skype, hangout, video chat available) $40/week unlimited help-Mon-Friday 3:00-7:00pm tutoring and home work time dedicated to ensure its done to expectancy private tutoring time available on sat 10-3pm.

Healthy cooking-(webinar and teleclasses available )$50/week Tuesday, Fridays time TBA- In class you learn what foods to buy, how to cook with fresh seasoning, nutrition for your disease and more.

Gardening-(webinar available)$10/hr min 4hr time TBA  weekly series: In gardening class you learn how to grow fresh fruit and vegetables from home, plus extra info on making medicinal herbs

Waistloss Fitness Adults-(Webinar and video available)$35/week: exercise with us, come out and have a 30 min workout, no equipment needed

Teenie weenie teens- (Webinar and videos available) Waistloss-$50/week bring your teens out to loose waist and stay fit.

Natural hair care -(Webinar and videos available)$40/week classes Friday 9am-6 pm or Sat 9am-6pm : learn how to treat your hair with natural products, informal braiding techniques, and more…

Natural pregnacy and baby classes-$50/week: 9 classes- learn how to eat healthy while pregnant, fix organic baby food, and more…

Music as “HEALING” classes-$80/week unlimited classes Mon-fri 6:30pm-9:30pm:listen to live piano music, sing, play musical instruments,or dance to your favorite tunes.

Aromatherapy– ( Teleclasses, webinar, and video available)-$20/class of 10 classes-  Find out the history of essential oils and there unique healing abilities. Get free essential oils for signing up.

Scholarships available upon application approval


(c) 2016 Gift of life Community Home INC

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