“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates



We are a Veteran founded organization who are designed to  empower, educate, and support women, kids, men, veterans, military, and their families holistically. Including, healthy eating and nutrition, fitness and wellness, alternative to medicine, and music as healing, job training and tutoring. providing much needed services to children, teens between the ages of 09-19, and adults ages 20 and up that have made the choice to gradually change their unhealthy lifestyles with holistic lifestyles. The foods we eat has an over reaching effect on our health and wellness, whether or not we are conscious of it. Becoming more aware of your diet and the healing properties of food will help you to make necessary adjustments to meet the needs of your body. It will also do an enormous amount to maintain and improve your health.

The founders personal story

The Gift of life Community Home INC founder Dr.Henderson, is the married happy mother of 6 children . She was a displaced teen that had battled the experiences of teen pregnancy later to live in a pregnancy home where she gained extra knowledge to prepare her for parenting along with schools for pregnant and parenting teens. She later joined the Army where she was injured and discharged to later become diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune neurological disease and fibromyalgia along with a list of other health problems military related and non military related.   She was diagnosed after attending a local Nursing school where her symptoms would soon overtake her.

Dr. Henderson, decided she was tired of being bed bound and begin to attend a college for Integrative Nutrition, there she learned over a hundred dietary theories and begin to research holistic health. As she attended peers helped her to battle and overcome with education through the school and her spiritual influence in the Christian church. She has now regained mobility, and has switched to an alternative method of healing that she has proven to be affective. She was even pregnant again after being told her health would not allow for another child.

Dr. Henderson, excited of all possibilities gave all thanks to her heavenly creator and decided to write a book. Shortly before publishing her book ,she became a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in and  educating on:  Natural pregnancy, Autoimmune disorders, cancers, weight loss/gain, health and life coaching, dietary Theories, physical fitness, depression, and anxiety. Order her books here on the website or at a bookstore near you!

An Open door

The Gift of life community home opens the door to many services, products, events, and education. Please look around our community website and decide which area is best for you.

We are in the process of accepting donations for our new facility.  Thank you for your patience we will travel to meet your for your consultation in partner locations.