Natural to life


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” -Hippocrates

As the CEO of the gift of life Community home INC , a nonprofit organization establish October 2008, I’m overly thrilled. The models and entertainers are backstage prepping, the guest speakers are reminded of their speeches, and the sound of the stage crew are quickly moving to set the stage. My dream and testimony was happening right before my eyes. Ready or not, it was time to take my place as the final mic was checked by the sound crew in the back of the awesome,Naomi  Bruton stage ( inside The black Academy of Arts and Letters). “Natural to life”, a concept of transition was and is the best thing that has happened for myself and many others who share similar stories. This celebration is so big it can only take place once a year in DFW. The reason is the camouflage of greatness of the culture and unity of the disabled, business, and the arts meeting opportunity. What is the opportunity you ask? The opportunity to regain healing in all areas of your life, stop preventable diseases, and connect with others who are winning! “Natural to life” someone may think is giving up on a already established healthcare system. No, it goes deeper. Why? You may ask, do I question my system? Come to this awesome event and have all of your questions answered. But who’s teaching? One may ask, health and wellness experts, coaches, Doctors, fitness trainers, spiritual counselors, who will be speaking truth in terms easy to understand. Also, so that you’re not overwhelmed with info, we entertain with an great summer fashion show, a natural hair show, and live entertainment to have you wanting to hear and see more. Being natural or as I may refer to it as being holistic has been around before we were even born. Some think it’s foolery or fake, but it has cultivated our native ancestors way before modern medicine or diseases were popular. Holistic “Natural” approaches derive from a total balance in your body from joy (good and bad stressors), creativity (art), spirituality (your relationship with the most high) physical Activity (fitness), social life, home environment, health, education, finances, relationships, and home cooking. All of these area play a major role in finding your purpose and we are here to help. Come out and regain your life! July 16,16 noon until 10pm a day for the entire family fun and entertainment that will make a postitive impact! “Natural to Life” 2016…Also,join the organization The gift of life community home, to get VIP tickets, a newsletter and more. Become a sponsor at donate on the website or sign up to participate at natural to life group on Facebook. Ask questions at 1888-959-2093 hope to see you royal family soon!

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