Parasites and detoxing them out

Many people wonder why I recommend detoxing so much.

We eat so many toxic foods and engage in so many toxic behaviors until we have made ourselves prone to this lifestyle and don’t consider the effects. This blog will begin to explain to you the inside destroyers of your body called parasites.

What are parasites?

Parasites are organisms that feed on other organisms. They feed off of the foods that we eat and the blood cells in your body. They eject toxins into your blood stream making your liver work in over load to clean and detox them out! They put an excessive load on your immune system and put your body in a constant state of stress.

Some scientist and experts believe that 80-90% of the population have some sort of pathogen infections in their bodies. Sounds a bit scary? Well, don’t be scared be informed! So how does a person become infected? Read more below.

How do parasites get into the body?

There are many ways to get a parasite. Most people believe that traveling to a different country causes it. Sometime but not always! Parasites are everywhere.

Food is the most common way they enter the body. Ever eaten raw or undercooked meats and seafoods like rare steak and sushi? What about eating unwashed fruits and vegetables from restaurants unknowingly? What about your pets? If you can answer yes to any of these questions you are likely to have contracted a pathogen.

People are another way you can contract them. For instance, already infected people and you or them are unaware. Touching, kissing, shaking hands and even sharing foods or drinks. Kids are always getting them while the playgrounds are their breeding grounds instead! Children, sick, and elderly are most likely to be prime targets because of their already weak immune systems.

Parasites are usually overlooked because the symptoms are often the same in other related illnesses. Doctors (bless them all) most often dismiss the idea, and suggest a lab test to rule it out. Also making them prescribe antibiotics ,steroids, or other prescriptions to send you on your way without a cause or diagnosis. Resulting in people going untreated.

Symptoms of parasitic infection

Gas and bloating
Irritable bowel syndrome
Joint and muscle ache
Sugar cravings
Skin conditions
Irritation/ itching at nose, eyes, ears, anus
Rashes, hives, eczema
Sleep disorders
Hyperactivity, anxiety
Teeth grinding
Chronic fatigue
Fuzzy thinking
Runny nose
Blisters on lower lip inside mouth
Loss of appetite
Unexplained infertility
Bad taste in the mouth
May have trouble gaining especially in kids
Development of food allergies
Dark areas under the eyes
Returning yeast/candida infections

To find out more info on detoxing parasites and the kinds of parasites in the body contact me yolanda Henderson @ 1-888-959-2093. Also, feel free to email me at

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